Design your own sports entertainment and training facility

Sportstacular offers 2 franchise models:
• Option 1-- perfect for existing sports bars/fitness centers that want to add excitement to their business
• Option 2-- standalone business featuring fully interactive sports simulators and VR stations that let your visitors experience what it’s like to go pro.

Multi-Sport Simulators, VR, E-Sports, Custom Media

An Experience for All Athletes and Fans

Fully Interactive Sports Entertainment and Training

Innovative Sports Experiences

Combining the real and the virtual



Move Over VR: XR Sports Are The Future

The popularity of virtual reality experiences, including augmented and mixed reality is on the rise

By 2023, the consumer market for extended reality is expected to reach $18 billion USD

Life Indoors

  • Americans age 18-24:

    • Prefer to take part in activities and high tech amenities indoors
    • Spend 70% more time at home than previous generations
  • Now, COVID-19 Is Forcing Us Inside More Than Usual

    • At the peak, 94% of Americans were affected by quarantine
  • The WHO recommends daily physical activity during the pandemic not only to keep us physically healthy, but also to keep us mentally strong, as well
  • “Sport has literally changed my life. I’m here because of sport. It has given me a lot of confidence, a lot of courage, and a lot of discipline...I think sport, especially in young ladies’ lives, is incredibly important at whatever level you choose to play at.” - Serena Williams

“COVID-19 has impacted the sports industry and boosted gaming & esports to the next level. The pandemic is accelerating existing trends and has presented an opportunity for virtual technologies to rapidly grow.” — Gregory Gettinger, PhD, Founder & CEO of VR Motion Learning

  • The Benefits Of Extended Reality

Thanks to emerging tech, we can do more from home than ever before

    • Without leaving home, we can

      • Work

        • Create a meeting and “host” up to 20 participants
      • Travel

        • Oculus Quest: Tour historical and cultural sites worldwide
      • Exercise

        • Pregame Golf Simulator: Download personalized practice holes and shots

“Sports as a whole are turning toward an increased amount of technology to bring about a sense of normalcy in light of the current state of the world” —  Aaron Shapiro, Founder & CEO of Graff Golf

Real Sports, Virtually Anywhere

  • What Is XR?

    • Extended reality (XR) includes all immersive technologies

      • Augmented reality (AR)
      • Mixed reality (MR)
      • Virtual reality (VR)
    • XR combines emerging technologies to create highly value-added experiences

      • Biomechanical modeling
      • Motion tracking
      • Machine learning
  • Interacting With XR Looks Like

    • Wearing a lightweight head-mounted display and real sports gear
    • Monitoring and recording all body and equipment movements
    • Using motion and a sophisticated physics engine to interact in a virtual world
  • Artificial Intelligence

    • Engages & stimulates players in ways that mimic the real world via

      • Realism within programmed game outcomes
      • Immersive world-building
      • “[The tech] is only 50% of AI. The other 50% is psychology. It’s how people react to machines and technology and how they perceive them.” — Mike Cook, Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Interacting With AI Looks Like

    • Wearable high-speed cameras, sensors, and computer vision measure all the action
    • Predictable chances of success for tactics based on real-time collection of data
    • Players can undergo physicals with AI analyzing standard health parameters

“As AI becomes more mainstream, video capture powered by machine learning analysis of the athlete's biomechanical patterns will become commonplace… athletes will receive real-time actionable feedback and amplified post-game analysis”- Patrick Henry, CPO of Cybersports

Virtual Sports Of The Future

  • Cybersports™

    • Portable XR simulation for sports entertainment and training
    • AI-based biomechanical motion tracking and embedded sensor smart balls
    • Esports platform for online gaming via cyber portal
  • VR Tennis Trainer

    • Training is embedded in a fun, competitive game
    • Learn and perfect movements with real-time help from AI
    • The perfect at-home tool to complement instructor assistance

As we learn more about genetics and biomechanics, and as we develop better types of technology, including virtual and augmented reality, athletes will continue to improve and become capable of feats that were unimaginable decades ago” —  Kevin Loria, Science Writer at Business Insider

  • Sportstacular™

    • Venues would offer up to 100 multi-sport simulators
    • Designed for competitive and safe esports with socially distant pods
    • Linked city-to-city for tournaments with sponsored prizes

What’s the future of sports tech?

“Athletes of diverse skill levels will simply log into a portal, put on extended reality (XR) goggles and use enhanced but regulation sports equipment to play and compete in any sport, at any time, from anywhere in the world.” — Adam Slocum, Co-Founder & CEO of Sportstacular, Inc.

Ready, set, go  — Get ready for the future of extended reality sports